Is re-gassing successful ?

Strut re-gassing has been proven to be a very successful and economical method of restoring sturts to their original condition, with very few failures.

If we considered the consition of the strut made re-gassing doubtful, we would recommend a new replacement which Strutmasters can supply..

  Are gas struts environmentally friendly ?

Gas springs are filled with nitrogen (industrial dry nitrogen) which comprises up 78%o of the earth’s atmosphere and is a colourless, odourless and an inert gas. This means that the environment will not be affected if the gas escapes, is harmless to humans and will not explode or burn.

  How do I dispose of a gas strut ?

Care must be taken in the disposal of unwanted or used gas springs which are either fully or partially gassed as they can cause damage if inadvertently punctured, incinerated or crushed eg. if mixed in with normal rubbish.

Strutmasters  offers  a service to properly dispose of and recycle used or unwanted gas springs in a safe, environmentally friendly manner.